Flea Control Information

Step 1:  Kill the adult fleas on ALL your PETS

All pets must be treated with an appropriate flea preventative treatment.  Read the application instructions for flea preventative and follow them carefully.

 Use a topical spot on treatment every 30 days either
  Revolution, Frontline, Advantage (dogs & cats), or Vectra

Reduce swimming and bathing frequency to maintain effectiveness.

Use Capstar in conjunction with topical flea preventative treatment.

Step 2:  Remove Flea eggs and pre-emerged adult fleas from inside the house

Daily vacuuming is the most effective way to reduce immature flea populations in the house.  Vacuuming removes 40-80% of flea eggs and up to 90% of pre-emerged fleas.  Focus on areas near and under beds, furniture and skirting boards.  Also vacuum the couch cushions.

Place a flea collar inside the vacuum bag.

If your pet lies on beds, remove bedding and wash in warm water.

Step 3:  Prevent access to high risk outdoor areas.

Some areas outdoors (where pets prefer to sleep) will harbor large numbers of pre-emerged fleas – fence off or block access to these areas.

Walk dogs on footpaths only, avoiding garden beds.

Step 4:  Prevent exposure to fleas from other animals

Visiting cats and dogs (and some rodents) carry flea eggs onto your property – stop these visits.

When your pet is visiting homes with pets (and where fleas are present), administer a Capstar tablet to your pet(s) before returning home to your property.  This will immediately kill any “hitchhiker” fleas before they contaminate your property with flea eggs.

Step 5:  Treat the environment

You can apply Pool Salt to any area under the house to reduce eggs and larvae viability – just make sure it does not wash onto your garden.

Outdoor areas and garden beds can be sprayed with a Lawn Grub Insecticide which will also kill flea eggs and larvae

Garden beds should be tidied to remove organic waste and debris that could harbor flea larvae.


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