Vaccinations for dogs

Rabies Vaccine**

Prevents the rabies virus.  Rabies is a virus that can infect all warm blooded animals including dogs, cats and humans.

Distemper Vaccine (DHPP)

Prevents four different kinds of upper respiratory  and gastrointestinal viruses including morbillivirus (distemper), adenovirus, type 2  parainfluenza and parvovirus.  Puppies that become infected with parvovirus and/or distemper virus may succumb to the infection.

Bordetella Vaccine

Prevents respiratory  viral infection, commonly known as kennel cough, that takes hold on patients infected with bordetella bronchiseptica.

Influenza Vaccine

Prevents the influenza virus.  This virus is also an upper respiratory virus that may sometimes spread to the lungs and cause hemorrhagic pneumonia.


Prevents the bacterial infection of leptospira.   This bacteria affects several different systems, including kidneys and liver.  This bacteria is one that can affect humans as well.

Lyme Vaccine

Prevents lyme  disease.  Lyme is transmitted by hard-shell deer ticks.  Dogs afflicted with lyme  disease will have joint pain, fever, anorexia, depression among other things.

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** Indicates zoonoses.  Zoonotic diseases are those diseases or infections that are transmissible to humans.


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