Easy Puppy Proofing Tips 


As most people know, puppies are curious. While this is charming and fun, puppies can get into a lot of trouble, and our job is to ensure they stay out of trouble.


Puppy-proofing your home is necessary to keep your new friend safe and is an integral aspect of preventative care. Following these tips from your favorite Alpharetta animal hospital could help you start – keep reading to learn more! 


Wires, Cords, Oh My!


Wires and cords can be very tempting to your new puppy, and it’s essential to keep them tied up or off the floor. Puppies can get tangled or even get electrical shocks from wires, which can be quite dangerous.


If wires can’t be off the floor, blocking certain areas or corners of your home from your puppy is a good idea.


Cleaning Dangers


While cleaning is important, do not spray or use strong chemical cleaners when your puppy is present. This could be bad for your puppy to breathe in and could harm their lungs.


If using cleaners, use them away from your puppy (and be mindful of where you are spraying)! 


Hide the Meds


Medications should be stored safely away from your curious puppy. This means storing medicine in cabinets or drawers where your puppy can’t get to them. Your puppy should not get a hold of these!


Human Food on the Dinner Table?


Be careful. While puppies may look adorable begging for food at the dinner table, be sure not to give them any food. Certain foods, like chocolate, raisins, or foods with high amounts of sugar could be bad for dogs, especially little puppies. Acknowledge the puppy eyes but don’t give them any food!


Ask About your Puppy’s Health at your Alpharetta Animal Hospital


Starting a new life with your puppy could be a little overwhelming, but with a little puppy-proofing around your house, you’re on the right track to keeping your pup happy and safe.


Consider inquiring about puppy care at your Alpharetta animal hospital and learning more about your new friend’s needs!