How Often Do You Need to Visit an Alpharetta Animal Hospital?  


If you want to keep your furry loved one happy and healthy for as long as possible, you need to prioritize taking them to the vet consistently. One of the top reasons is that early signs of severe illnesses and diseases can go undetected until they become critical.  


Keep reading to learn how often you need to take your pet to an Alpharetta animal hospital and the benefits you’ll enjoy through responsible pet ownership!  


Puppies and Kittens 


Up to one year of age, many veterinarians recommend taking your puppies and kittens to the vet about once a month in order to get up to date on all their vaccinations. 


Between six to 12 months, it’s also recommended to get your pet neutered or spayed so that they can enjoy a longer life, avoid many diseases, and curb behavioral issues.  


Make sure you speak to your vet about what vaccines are recommended. If you’re adopting your puppy or kitten from a shelter, their documentation should state what vaccines they’ve already received.  


Adult Pets 


Healthy and active adult pets up to seven years old need to have six-month or yearly vaccinations–regardless of whether or not you think they need an examination! This is because cats are notoriously good at hiding illnesses, meaning that once you start discovering symptoms, your cat may have been suffering for far longer.  


Yearly vet visits also enable you to get your pet’s teeth cleaned, any vaccinations they need, as well as tips from your vet on changes to their diet or behavioral issues to work on.  


Senior Pets 


Dogs are typically considered a senior when they’re eight years old, while cats are considered seniors at 11 years old. At least twice-yearly checkups at your vet are recommended because as your pets become older, they become more susceptible to diseases, illnesses, and infections.  


Frequent diagnostic checks by your vet can also catch kidney disease and diabetes early. Lastly, taking your senior pet to the vet frequently helps them stay more comfortable. Since large-breed dogs often have joint issues, you can be more proactive and save them from unnecessary pain by getting recommendations from your vet.  


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By ensuring your puppies and kittens are up to date on all of their vaccinations and you’re taking your adult pets to the vet at least once a year, you are enhancing both their quality of life and their longevity! 


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