Tips from Your Vet in Alpharetta, GA: 3 Fun Ways to Play with Your Cat


Are you struggling to engage your cat in play each day? Cats can be notoriously temperamental, but they all love to play, even if they don’t seem interested initially. These play tips from your vet in Alpharetta, GA can improve your cat’s quality of life and enhance your bond.   


Please keep reading to learn three fun ways you can start playing with your cat and get them the exercise they need today!   


1. Activate their Hunting Instincts  


One of the best ways to play with your cat is to pretend the toy or string you’re using is their prey. This means you’ll want to twitch it and move it as if it were a mouse or other small animal. You can also place your hand under a thick blanket and move it around as if an animal is scurrying underneath!   


If your cat doesn’t seem interested, try using different toys. For example, some cats respond better to basic shoestring, while others might prefer toys that look like little mice.   


2. Hide-and-Seek  


Did you know that cats get the zoomies as much as dogs? You may find that your cat runs up to you with a bushy tail or runs at you and then runs away before you can pet them.  


Try chasing after your cat, then hiding around a corner once they disappear. You’ll find that many cats will creep out of their hiding place, trying to discover where you are. They may freeze when they see you, then start moving closer when you’re in view, like a game of red light, green light.   


3. Try Catnip  


Lastly, you’ll find that catnip is a great way to stimulate your cat’s senses–most will go crazy for any toy you present that smells like it. This can be a great way to start your play sessions if you find your cat hard to engage.   


Consider purchasing toys that allow you to fill the inside with catnip. This allows your cat to express their natural prey behavior by biting, licking and kicking.  


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Remember that you’ll want to play with your cat for at least 30 minutes every day because they need exercise just as much as dogs. You’ll find that cats have a natural cycle of expending a burst of energy, then resting for five to ten minutes until they’re ready to play. After two to three of these cycles, they’ll probably be worn out!   


Of course, you need to schedule yearly wellness exams for your cat regardless of whether you’re playing with them every day. Fill out our online form or call us at (770) 754-1234!