Easy Puppy Care Tips


Hooray! You got a new puppy! You may be wondering how to best care for your new puppy and how to keep him or her healthy. Read on to gain tips from your vet in Alpharetta, GA!


Environment Safety


Once at home, your new puppy will be very curious about his or her new environment. While it is great to let him or her explore, always watch where your puppy roams and be sure that harmful objects, such as plants, plastic, and wires, are kept out of reach


You may even consider blocking off certain sections of your home from your puppy (or setting up gates for different rooms).


Establishing a Routine


Once your puppy is settled in your home, it’s best to set up a daily routine. This might include a meal routine (ask your veterinarian about the best foods for your pup!) and exercise routine. It’s also important to establish a potty routine for your puppy, especially during the first few months. 


Scheduling a Vet Appointment


Making an appointment to see your vet is crucial after getting a new puppy. Your veterinarian will recommend various vaccines, foods, and activities that best fit your puppy’s lifestyle. Plus, your veterinarian will love to meet your new pal!


Ask your Vet in Alpharetta, GA About Puppy Care Tips!


Getting a new puppy is exciting, but it can also be a stressful adjustment, both for you and your puppy. Ask your vet in Alpharetta, GA, about puppy care tips; your vet will be happy to assist you.